200x50mm solid rubber wheel PW1525


200/50 - 100 8-inch Solid Wheel, Used for Hand Truck, Trolley, and Air Compressor

Model Number: PW1525

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Recycled rubber
  • REACH approved
  • 8-inch solid wheel 200/50 - 100
  • Used for hand truck, trolley, air compressor, high pressure washer, and more
  • Galvanized metal rim, roller bearing/plastic plain bore, 20mm ID, and 59mm bore length

 Kinghood  Solid Rubber Tires  are excellent alternative to a pneumatic tire. They offer stability and prevent flats. 

If you are an OEM or a large consumer of tires, please feel free to call us to discuss applications and OEM pricing. 

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